Have a cuppa..

Tea time has always been my cuppa tea [or coffee to be exact :D]..

once in a while, i love the idea of lazing in the afternoon/evening, sipping a freshly brewed tea or coffee over a delectable spread of dainty sized tea cake, pastry, dessert, sandwiches or even local kuihon a beautifully set table.

i'm really really looking foward to plan n execute one with my dear frens/neighbours..

[psssttt... sheila, kak zarina n zie...bila korang free haaa???]


Let's Plan A Tea Party...

firstly..lets answer a few question.

  • whats the size of the crowd you're expecting?
  • whats your budget like ?
  • will it be solely on you or pot luck?
  • time and location? [indoor, outdoor, in the garden, by the pool, on the deck..]
  • any particular theme? [traditional english tea, hi-tea, fusion, malaysian affair, seasonal theme]

then..lets see what we can have for the menu..

basic menu:

  • finger sandwiches - assorted sanwiches crust off, cut into a variety of shape in bite size. can be in form of rolled sandwich, wrapped or open face sandwich
  • tea cakes /cuppies - light cake cut into small portion or mini cuppies
  • sweet/ savoury pastry - quiche, tarts with sweet or savoury filling, preferably in dainty sizes
  • salad - light side salad, be it leafy with light salad dressing or syrupyfruity salad serve with cream
  • soup - serve hot or cold
  • sweet dessert - any kind of dessert of your liking serve/cut in bite/small sizes
  • scones/madeline/crumpet/buns
  • hot brewed tea [and coffee in my case.. is a must]

this menu is just basic guideline of wut to choose..For a malaysian or fusion theme just customize with wthatever that more or less fit in the categories..

done with the menu selection, now lets prepare the table setting..
normal place setting applies for any tea party.

  • Cover the table with matching cotton tablecloth linen.
  • Place a bouquet of flower as a centerpiece.
  • Just lay utensil that ONLY will be used. Normally u'll need a number of dessert/ salad/kuih plates, small bowl for the soup n cups plus appropriate silver [stainless steel will do also lah.. dun worry].
  • Freshly brewed tea/coffee serve pipping hot in teapot preferably covered with tea cozy sugar, cream/milk must be serve separately
  • Creatively fold the napking linen n put into place [try not to use the paper one except if u r planning for the buffet version..]

Eating alone or with someone is an intimate act. So, please...pleaseee pay attention to details!
  • try to color coordinate everything to tally with the concept
  • deco - garnishes and floral arrangments to match, the bouquet shouldn't block the view of the other side of the table
  • matching clean cotton tableclothlinen, 'saprah', napkin, place mat, runner are a must!
  • china, cup and silver must wiped clean and spotless
  • for food presentation, try to play with height for visual effects. 3 tiers tray is always synonym with tea party setting.
  • oversee overall presentation so that nuthing is too loud

thats all for now, i'll add on from time to time...


Sheila said...

Mmmm... bila free???
Call aje... pilih satu tarikh dan InsyaAllah akan hadir... Tanya kak Zarina ngan zie... saya boleh masak muffin nanti...

ninoZ said...

muffin je?
firehouse stew sekali lerrrr..:D

ninoZ said...

alas meja kerawang kita dah ada utk buffet table..kene carik matching tablecloth n placemat utk individual table plak lerr..

belakang rumah kak zarina dah cantik sgt dah utk garden party setting...my house pun ok.. tp kene tunggu org sebelah siap construction..whic is in 2 months or more..
jgn pakcik2 dtg bawak meja carom dah lerr... buat spoillll jek karang..

i was thinking..
why dont we do our 'china' potluck style [bring your own favourite 'china' enuf for the number of person u're bringing]

ni kalau makcik kucing dengor..mau meraung nih :D

iskkkk...mcm ler tak leh discus dlm tepon or one on one...hahahahahaha

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