Ikan Pacu...Ikan Rohu

We got these 2 fishes from our neighbour, Remy-Rebonding, who went for fishing somewhere in putrajaya earlier in the morning. These fish are freshwater fish, the bigger one is known as Ikan Rohu n the smaller one is Ikan Pacu. Its quite a task to deal with these fishes as their muddy smell, phewwwww..very strong lah!
but with the wonder of coarse salt, vinegar, tamarind n lime, taraaaaa... gone all the muddy smell
btw.. i havent eat neither of the fish before...hmmmm
i'm planning to cook Ikan Pacu Masak Taucu and Ikan Rohu Belah Belakang..
we'll see wuts the end result later eh..

here's the process n the end result
ikan rohu stuffed with sambal cili.... deep fried to perfection
ikan pacu seasoned with tumeric n salt...deep fried before mixed with sauteed taucu sauce

our simple dinner tonite...
ikan rohu and ikan pacu with sambal kicap n sliced cucumber

pacu masak taucu
rohu belah belakang
pacu is suprisingly sedap, full bodied flavour, quite sweet, tho there's no hint of muddy smell, the muddy taste did not completely disappear..but it was hardly noticable
i considered it acceptable, alas its a freshwater fish afterall
Rohu is very very fleshy and a bit bony as well.. tho not as bad as lampam
very very very tender n soft yet flaky flesh[this due to its very freshness]..not as sweet as pacu, tho
perfect for grilling, deep fried, stuffed and i bet.. it wud do well cooked with asam pedas gravy
i scaled it before considering wut to do with it...so when it is deep fried, it has the tendacy to kinda stick to the wok if not properly handled.
Thumbs up to Pacu n Rohu!!!


BIG MOMMA said...

confirm tak penah tgk spesis ikan nie! hehehe..
cam pelik skett..ikan yg gemok tu adik beradik bawal kot..
tapi yg penting..kalau dah dapat kat tangan orang yg ehemm...ehemm..masak apa pun sedapppp..hahahaha..

ninoZ said...

jgnkan awak...kita pun tak penah tgk..
yg gemuk tu nama pacu..adik beradik piranha..gigi tajam gilerr
yg lonjong tu mcm adik beradik lampam, susu n carp

kita pun ngeri gak nak menyiang n masak.. nak buang perut dia..busuk ya rabbi..ikan kolam mmg camtu

mummy said...

Hi! sedang makan jugak saiz pacu n rohu ni.biasa mummy n hubby pancing saiz gabak2. rohu ni gagah skit nak tarik naik. saiz 6,7 kilo pun gagah lagi. tapi kalo pacu 3 kg pun, kena pandai tackle. main casting ni jenuh. kalo silap sikit kalo dia dah mkn umpan pun, boleh lepas, sebab libasannya kuat. lagipun ggnya tajam n berlapis2.anyway...both are sedap.

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