preparation process :

Hummingbird Cake
with Dried Pineapple Flower

Fried Springrolls

Honeycomb Caramel Cake
Kek Batik
Blueberry Cheese Tart

Talam Lapis Labu Permata
Pulut Serimuka
Floral Arrangement

lupa nak amik gambo utk preparation pulut serunding, apam seri ayu n bunga yg dah siap gubah..nanti dapat gambo2 masa catering insyaallah semua tu ada..


Sheila said...

Congratulation on your biggg project... It's worth the effort, i guess. Harap lepas ni boleh dapat projek-projek mega lak ye...

ninoZ said...

big in scale, yes... but very cipot in $$
but a gud experience tho'...

BIG MOMMA said...

wahhh..syok laa nengok makan2 tu seme..mana nyer..kata nk share resepi kek hummingbird tuu..
nk gak rasa..hihihi..

ninoZ said...

lupo laaaa..

suppose letak semua resepi project 28th tu..mana yg blom ade laaa

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