mission status : progressing

its 4.41am and i've manage to finished half of the task
food done :
hummingbird cake
kek batik
honeycomb caramel cake
spring rolls
serunding kelapa for pulut serunding..

i still have some spared energy to finished cheese tart but unfortunately i'm outta icing sugar.. warghhhhhh!!
my dry miller gone kaput for along long time ago.. still cant find the right replacements...warghhhhhh againn!!!
so..later in the morning or afternoon ill try to do the tart...at night i'll cook all the kuih basah, 4 of them but it shouldnt be taking so long

yes..yess..yesssss, i'm exhausted...need to lie down for a while
jap lagi 6.30am kene bangun balik


Nic said...

Wahhh..... laparrrr.. dahla sekarang nie mmg strain mysef dari tengok site resepi, chanel 707 and 703 (6kg to lose tp waistline rasa mmg dah takleh keciklaa).

nway, saya percaya resepi akak selalu sedap2. ntah2 satu hari nanti bukak kafe plak... Ema

ninoZ said...

eloww.. tq dtg visit blog kita

my dream..nak ade kiosk kecik je ala ala kopitiam kat one corner mana2..concentrate utk org tapau jek.. meja ade la 3-4 set jek utk yg nak lepak2

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