Bekal Sekolah Afeef...

my son tak suka beli makanan kat kantin sejak dahulu kala lagi..according to him..its expensive, the portion are small n kene beratur panjang pastu tak cukup masa nak makan..
so he end up bawak bekal almost everyday except when i'm too busy to prepare anything for him..
kalau bawak bekal lak.. kene bagi lebih sebab his kawan2 will definitely nak kongsi 'bekal afeef yg sedap n istimewa'; hihihihihi

his normal bekal will either be :
2 cream roll bun
roti canai atuk - be it roti tampal or with sprinkled sugar/ condensed milk
kek buah opah whenever available
french toast

otherwise he'll had the honour to bring :
mushroom soup with toasted garlic bread
nasi goreng
fried mee hoon
pizza roti canai
roti/donut sosej
fried macaroni
cucur udang/jagung/ikan bilis
cheese sandwich cut into spongebob square pants
hot dog with homemade sesame bun
nasi tomato n fried drummet

or wutever i feel like cooking :)
yesterday i made this for him

this is deep fried furters cocktail rolled in wholemeal bread and dipped in oats
i packed for him 4 of this.. and all finished!


Oliver khoo said...

hi ... do you also post recipes of your cooking? i like some of your cooking. looks delicious too.~~~~


ninoZ said...

if u fancy any of the recipe..just lemme know..i'll post it here

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