wutta way to end the year...

its BBQ TIME!!!!!!!!
this was a long long awaited bbq party, organised by apfc..venue - where else..MPC amanputra lah
i did the main bbq dishes for apfc :- marinated lamb shoulders n chicken, seafood shaslick, smashed baked potatoes, blackpepper mushroom sauce n oriental chilli mayo sauce n hot & cold drinks n the rest of the spread are potluck dishes, among others :- delicious nasi lemak set with steaming hot ubi kayu rebus, fried mee & meehoon, creamy lychee jelly, donuts, kuih talam, fruit salad, fresh fruit cuts, rambutans, sandwiches , jajan and many more..

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the ever hardworking grilling team.. :)

kam, hafiz n ijam

amir gebu n aris pun tolong gak

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enjoying the food...yummyyy!

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stuffs i've prepared earlier of the day

oriental plum marinade

seafood balls with vege shaslick on skewer

mushroom black pepper sauce thickening on the stove

smashed baked potato salad
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alhamdulillah everything went smoothly..n i bet all food are enjoyed to the max...hehehehe
note to the new president : when is next??? :D


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