baked macaroni for kak Anis

these are ordered by kak Anis of AP1/6 except the one in frech white casserole that is mine :D
i took the liberty to do the beef version [forgot to ask whether she wanted beef of chicken..selamat aje lahh]
did all the blanching, choppings n sauteeing while waiting for the muffin done baking last nite [early early in morning to be exact], so very little work left to be done this morning

cooked macaroni mixed with beefy vege gravy


white sauce poured n top with dollops of cheese
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up close n personal with the cheese..hehehehe

one done..3 more to go in 1 shot
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last batch done! this one utk makan kat rumah

utk kak anis..dah siap wrapped
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