projek suka-suka....

takde kerja, cari kerja....hihihi

one of my neighbour is having tahlil n doa selamat at his house i made him this dessert.. agar-agar cermin
this agar-agar cermin is actually requested by boss, since he loved it so much..
for tahlil i've moulded it in steel loyang for easier cutting, for home, the flower mould lah..:)
agar-agar cermin in detail..i shud have cut down the 'kepala santan' portion, cant help it lahhh, love dat part..hihihihihi
Donut ala Jco
Ingredients A:-
850gm high protein flour/bread flour
11gm/1 packet instant dry yeast
10gm/1 tsp salt
600ml warm water
Ingredients B:-
200gm high protein/bread flour
10gm/ 1 tsp salt
60gm powdered milk
125gm castor sugar
2 eggs
125gm butter/shortening
mix A evenly, knead for at least 20 minutes by hand [wayy shorter if u use kneading machine] till the dough becomes smooth n pliable. rest the dough for 90 mins in basin covered with cling wrap.
punch the dough then mix with B. continue kneading for at least another 20 minutes till it well mixed, smooth, pliable n no more sticking to the hands. dust with flour whenever necessary.. rest the dough in covered bowl for another 20 minutes
punch the dough again, roll n flatten the dough evenly about 1cm thick. mould with your preffered cutter n transfer on a four-dusted tray..let the dough rise for another 10 minutes
deep fried the donut till golden..decorate, dust, ice to your likings...
this recipe of loveliana have been buzzing in my head for its time to put it to test!
yesss..u hafta love to knead the dough to make this donut time of kneading hmmm..i think its over 1 hour
but the end result is definitely, definitely worth trying... i'll let the pix do the honour..
1st and 2nd batch just deep fried...
yummyyyy....extremely fluffy n soft...
eating it immediately after tossing is outta this world!
partly coated with choc dip and partly with glace icing
n some left for typical sugar dusted donuts tho i love it naked..[errrrr without any coat or spinkles or dusting..hehehhe]
this tray too goes to the kenduri tahlil..n enjoyed by everybody especially kids..
some even booked in advance the next time i do this again..hehehehe
my son said;
"ok mak...kita boleh lupakan Jco..tak payah susah payah beli kat kedai lagi..."
need i say more?


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