Char Kuay Teow

dont call yourself truly malaysian if u never savour this dish..its an ever popular hawker food that can be found almost every where, from the back lane to gerai tepi jalan to pasar malam to the majestic of 5 star hotel, enjoyed by all malaysian despite races and status.
Easy yet tricky to cook..right freshest stuffs n alotta practices, u'll surely master this dish in no time :)

serving : 4 portion

800g Flat rice noodle
400g Fresh Prawn/ udang segar
100g Beansprout/Taugeh
8 nos Whole Egg/telur
100g Chive - sliced/ Kucai
4 tbsp Chopped Garlic
100ml Cooking Oil

100g Chili Paste / Cili boh
2 tbsp Garlic - chopped
100g Prawn shell / Kulit udang
1/2 cup Water/ Air

Heat up the oil, saute garlic then add prawn shell, chili paste, water and let it simmer till sauce become thick, add seasoning

1 cup Chicken stock/ Air rebusan ayam
1 tbsp Black soya sauce/ Kicap Pekat
8 tbsp Sweet soya sauce or light soya sauce / kicap manis kipas udang
2 nos Garlic/ 2 ulas bawang putih
2 tbsp Oyster sauce/ sos tiram
1 tsp Salt

Combine all the ingredients , let it boil then simmer for 10 minutes, adjust seasoning

Overall method / stir- fry kuay toew for 1 portion.

1. Heat up the oil, add 1 tsp garlic, prawn then saute till golden brown.
2. Add chili paste and flat noodle, stir well.
3. add 3 tbsp soy sauce, keep stirring the lasty add bean sprout and chive.
4. Keep stir for 1 minute, remove from the wok.
5. Ready to serve garnish with sliced red chili.

recipe courtesy of Master Chef Sabri Hassan


Nic said...

akak... a must try niee.. my fav kuew teow kat semua house bawah tu.. adoiiiii sedapppnyaaaa...

btw.. hmmm first time baca satiric entry from u on DSAI tu.. kekeke..

btw 2 ... admire ur creativity is one of a kind yang tak jumpa kat food blog lain..

ninoZ said...

heheh nic..thanx :D
eh..kita letak link awk tauuu

kuay teow tu so far me buat yg paling ok..chef sabri kasik
n actually kalau u need any help..just email him..tak lokek ilmu pun

DSAI?? mana...manaa?? tak sebut punnnn
yg paham tetap paham, yg tido tetap akan tido, kannnn :D

thanx for dropping by nic..really appreciate it :)
kita pun jenguk2 gak blog awk..cuma tak leave comment jek :D

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