Building now the skills for the future..

this is our current addiction...boss n me is all out lending a hand to help cikgu pazli of skttp to train the team for the 2008 National Robotics Competition..

we even lend them our mindstorm set so dat the second team can be formed...even hasnal sponsored the 'canvas' printing for the track n the refreshment plus goreng pisang..hihihihi
afeef is head over heels with this project..since his craziness for robotic stuff is beyond words..

the theme for this year is Save our World..the task is to build a robot outta lego mindstorm that will perform certain task regarding recycling.
frankly, the team was formed a bit late..any earlier we shud have the chance to prepare for the open category. its the first entry for the school, so perfectly understandable..:)
by hook or by crook the teams must be ready by this sunday, as the competition is on monday 21st july at stadium kuala selangor [for state level]

so..wish us all the best ya!..really need dat :)


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