Iron Chef!! oppsss IRON MAN lah..

wanna watch a superhero with equal brain, brawn and balls??..opsss! hehehehe
this is the ONE!!

definately blew away with superb delicimo Robert Downey Jr's potrayal of Mr Tony Stark and undeniablely wicked Obadiah Stane by Jeff Bridges..
being another Marvel movie..the development in 1/3 of the plot errrr a bit dragging [but in a very very acceptable/compromisable pace] but then climaxing to the max n do expect the typical superheroes cliches ..the red n gold scheme is not so typical tho..
aaaa...brilliant ending too [sequel in progress??]

fresh n enormously entertaining,[stark being classy arrogant yet humorous..yet intense]get ready to be dazzle with the gadgetry wonders...

eh..go see for yourself lah!!!


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