smashing silap! potatoes

tetiba jek geng bola my boss nak buat bbq..tuan rumah bbq sediakan lamb n the rest, pot luck sorang sket..
me nak buat sashlick tapi bos tak nak lak...sabo je lah

then end up buat these 2 dishes [?]...

Cheesy, Lemony Smashed Baked Potato

nak buat kentang nih senang jek..mula-mula rebus/kukus kentang sampai masak then sediakan foil, acuan banjo, masher, herbed butter, lemon slices n cheese slice
letak foil dlm acuan banjo then letak kentang yg dah siap dimasak
smashed dgn masher sampai flattened
spoon a dollop of herbed butter and top with a slice of cheese

n place a slice of lemon for that extra zesty flavour
sprinkle garam sket, pepper n additional herbs..ready to be grilled :)

Jagung ni plak kukus je kejap.. pastu gaul dgn susu pekat sket, mayo n butter
pastu bleh terus makan atau nak grill sket jek pun bleh gak


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