ring a bell??

familiar with this delicacy? if you're about my age , i bet u'll recognised this instantly n might be drooling rite now..nostalgic food eh ...
we called it 'Sengkuang Calit'.. Sengkuang or Sweet turnip, peeled and sliced fairly thin then smoothered with cabai makau [ a kind of sweet tauco paste mixed with potato n a bit of chilly paste..readily available in groceriey store] then generously sprinkled with chopped toasted groundnut. The crunchiness of the freshly slice turnip, complemented by the sweet sour spicy taste of the sauce n the chunkiness of the nuts as added texture...yummyyyy!!!
closely related to rojak petis, the best companions for this meal is definitely Cendul .. :D One of the most common hawker or rather bus stand snack food that can be found during my schooltime lah!!
after years n years of craving, i've finally found the sauce sold just at the nearby supermarket....aduiiii!!!

so...sengkuang calit, anyone??


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