Previous work that have nuthing to do with food :D

the first project for 2008 was booklet for my dear fren,sheila [kene mintak izin kalau nak tempek sini :D]
and this one is the second..

The dateline of the project was on the 23rd February my task started as early as errrr roughly 3 weeks earlier till the very morning of the dateline..

original scope of job : design
adhock task : lending a hand wherever, whenever possible
It demanded a lotta hard works and sleepless nights but for the spirit of friendship...u gotta do wut u gotta do rite?

i learnt a lot bout a lotta things tho..a very very valueble experience :) too bad i cant attend the final event...was occupied with another agenda somewhere afar whoever that done their very best to ensure the success of this project, CONGATS!!'s part of my tasks, the design part:

the website...[errrr lupa tuko setting colour punya case la nih masa save tadi..patutnyer light blue, shocking pink n orange punya color scheme...nanti2 lah kita tuko balik]

the hugeeee banner

the goodie bag- bag/pamphlet/folder/buku cenderamata

buku cenderamata n pamphlet

inside pamphlet..

polishing phrasing skills...hehehehe

1st page - buku cenderamata: kata aluan by another dear fren of mine, whose life was like the earthquake moving under her feet n sky tumbling down ontop of her head since the project initiated till done.

backdrop design for the stage [media projection]

and yess... the corsages in the earlier post are for the same project :)


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