CCP :: chicken cucumber potato

What would you cook when u only have these 3 main ingredients?
1 Cucumber
6 pieces of chicken
two handfull of frozen french fries

yes..dats wut left in my fridge..realize dat since yesterday yet i'm too lazy to replenish the stock ..wanna wait till pasar malam this friday lah
[actually still got ikan masin, ikan bilis n afew other stuff.. but dats another story lah]

end result???

Breaded Fried Chicken with Fries, Simple Cucumber Salad and Homemade Black Pepper Sauce

Boss kecik's approval...
thumbs up!!!
time to chomp....wachaaaaaaaa!!
psttttt encik lan..tanak balik join kitorang lunch ke?? hihihihihi on lah yerr:D


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