Dare to take the challenge???

mission : to bake a cake in a rice cooker
equiptments :
  • national rice/jar cooker [porridge setting]
  • basic butter cake - 5 eggs, 1 butter, 1 c sugar, 2 c flour, 1 tsp b.p, vanilla essence n cocoa powder...n chopped choc ape tah..[dump butter,sugar,flour in cake mixer, whizzz for a while then gradually add eggs n vanilla, do not over beat, mix a small portion with coacoa powder, marbled in the rice pot n sprinkle with the chopped choc]
  • butter for greasing

preparation time : 5 minutes

cooking time : 30 minutes



the cake rised perfectly..the only mistake i've made was accidently switch the setting to rice when the cake is about to done...that is why the side n bottom of the cake is slightly over 'tanned'..huuhuuuu
not dry yet not so moist..very spongy like texture, springy to touch and taste good as well :)

mission completion!!!


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