When lunch is spelled C.U.C.O.Q...

This is our lunch just now..
Simple, humble it may seem...i can bet its much much healthier than some of your santan loaded masak lemak cili api with oily chicken rendang, over cooked vege and carb-rich rice.
i just whip up some flour with ikan bliis, frozen corn nibs, slivered carrot, chopped onion, finely sliced daun selom [daun bwg tadak punya pasal..huuhuuu] and oats..opss not to forgot eggs.
season to perfection..then dumped into the hot sizzling oil in bite size drops.
then..chow down time!!!
haa.. n the dipping sauce is a mixture of, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup and a dash of sesame oil..
afeef even pack some for his 'bekal skolah'..


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