Feel like home @Rahimah's Kitchen

on our way to restoren anuar at bandar bukit puchong, we accidently stumbled upon this restaurant - Rahimah's Kitchen. Aaaahhhh..this was the one ayah went with dr nasharuddin last week.
wokehh.. exceptionally gud decor design, homey yet elegant. quite friendly waiters. The menu - specialising on terengganu's delicacies like nasi kukus with lauk pauk, nasi dagang, nasik kerabu, laksa terengganu n many more. the menu card is not ready yet so i can really comment on the extensiveness of the menu selection :D

better half had nasi kukus, deep fried catfish, vege n err not sure ..hihihi

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my nasi kerabu

iced lemon tea

the food was ok and reasonably priced..no harm in coming back again for more :D
they are having promotions till 31st december 15% discount on all food and beverages.

here's some info:

Rahimah's Kitchen
no 75[corner lot], Jalan BP 6/3, Bandar Bukit Puchong
47120 Puchong , Selangor

Phone : +603 8060 1119

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