field trip - Islamic Art Museum kuala lumpur

walking towards museum, right after light breakfast at pusat islam's fudkot

a replica of a fountain design during the 16th century in the Mamluk's palaces, made of ceramic, stalactites or mosaic marble..usually located in the centre of 'liwan'

inner courtyard infront of the restaurant
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an artifact on the ancient sajadah

ahaaaa..i've been looking foward to check this place out for quite sometimes, unfortunately the cafe restaurant is closed on monday...phewww! too bad...

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here's the eight of us..:)

wall hung lighting fixture

the other side of the inner courtyard
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a photo of the makkatul mukkaramah before the restructure

done with the museum, off we go to bangsar to enjoy delicious nasi kandar @pelita before heading University Malaya to attend the Debat piala diraja peringkat akhir. the ceremony was officiated by Raja Nazrin shah.

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