Hainanese Chicken Rice Bangkok style [Recipe]

a.ka Khao Man gai

promised to post this recipe long time ago but forgot lah!.. sorry ya...ok..here we goes:

Hainanese Chicken Rice Bangkok style

for soup:

chicken carcass n bones

3  stalks fresh corriander 

5 whole garlic - skin peeled crushed

2 tsp whole blackpepper 

mature ginger - crushed

salt to taste

enuf water for soup n rice

chunks of winter gourd [optional]

simmer all ingredient and season to your liking

for chicken:

boiled chicken - cleaned whole/halved chicken n rub with a little salt. dip the chicken in the simmering stock for about 5 minutes then toss the chicken to cool it for a few minutes..then repeat the process till the the chicken is thoroughly cooked..toss the chicken for a while n u can brush the chicken with sesame oil to keep it from drying

fried chicken - marinate the chicken [cut into 12 or more pieces per chicken] with oyster sauce, pounded fresh corriander, a little bit of sugar, white pepper, pounded garlic and a few drops of vinegar. then deep fry till cooked

for rice :

garlic - chopped

ginger - chopped

oil for frying [ u may add a bit of sesame oil to this]

long grain rice - preferably thai fragrant rice AAA

pandanus leaves

chicken broth from the soup

fry  chopped garlic & ginger till golden..toss the garlic n  ginger, keep the oil

in a rice cooker measure the chicken broth enuf for cooking the rice as  usual, then dump in the garlic n ginger, pandan leaves n garlic-ginger frying oil. cook till done

u may cook this rice till it absorp most of the liquid n continue steaming it for a better end result.

for dipping sauce:

4 tbsp taucho

4 tbsp ginger

4 garlic

1 stalks corriander

6 tbsp light soy sauce

4 tbsp vinegar

chilli padi

sugar to taste

blend everything to a smooth paste.

okay.. thats a bout all..u can always adjust everything tp your own preference

when cooking, theres no harm in being adventurous, okay..:)


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