malasnyer nak update blog..

bahan ade byk, gambo pun ade byk..tapi iskkkkkk! asal tekan button newpost terus ngantuk..pastu terus tgk tv..hehehehe

esok ade catering lagi nak disiapkan nih..tapi tak lah byk sgt keje yg nak dibuat, yg one man show punya. 

semalam yg JV hmmm..ade kekurangan sket lah, nak kene komplen kat caterer nihh or else my reputation will be jeoperdized kalau dorang takk keep on ambil kisah bende2 remeh temeh. 

when it comes to food services..detail counts..A LOT! that's wut make a one diff from the others..

hmmm..nanti lah kita sambung


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