line dancing anyone?

looking foward for the class at  MPC, 8.30pm tonite..

jgn terpeleot kaki dah lerr...hehehehe

verdict: pix cuz i was busy practising..heheheheh

very few turn up..just the 6 of us , kak mira, zie, ayu, hani, javanthi & me. the class has started last week but this is a first time for zie & me...

we learned the 5,6,7,8 basic step and 4 walls with backed by Billy Ray Cyrus's  achy breaky heart

by the end of the session  we're sweating like hell..more than wut a 10,000 steps jogging session wud normally do

phewwww..wut a worthy time spent and it was FUN!!! 

i'm definitely gonna be there again next week... kita saing lagi eh zie? ;)


zie said...

Best giler tu, sapa tak jint memang rugi habis... oopps lupa plak bukan untuk perempuan baik???????????

ninoZ said...

tak pe zie..
allah jua yg lebih tau
baik di mata blom tentu suci jiwa raga..wahhhhh terlebeyyy sudah!

kasut baru pun kita dah beli session lagi prepared

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