cutleries haven!

earlier when surveying for our butcher knife, hj duan ended up buying this knife for himself, a jarmay sashimi filet knife that costed him rm200++ per rite? nice wooden handle tho' a bit on the light side, mebbe due to its purpose to filet super duper thinly

and later in the day we managed to reach China Co Hotel Supplies in time, thru the hurdles of super heavy traffic.. a definite, definite victorinox haven! they have in store all sorta victorinox knives from a to z, n not the mention their very very very reasonable price..phewwwww
and not just cutleries..all sorta hotel n catering n dining supplies can be found here, too at a very reasonable price
[its a kinda blessing in disguise since somebody has left us in a huge disappointment..alhamdulillahh]
i'm definitely gonna go there again...[and manage to racun my dad to go there too next time he come to kl...hehehehehe]

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we ended up bought these pieces..

see the brand lah! hehehehe

this one is for boning/skinning..with the eidul adha around the corner , this one is a-must-have piece!

the two longer knives are butcher knife, ordered by my dad for slaughtering the qurban

done with the knives we head straight to low yat plaza. boss n afeef need some gizmos for their computers..
work is work but food must come first lah!! hehehehe
There's one very simple kiosk/cafe selling bee/honey product n set meal dishes near the escelator..the kiosk itself is just ok, nuthing interesting but wut really caught my intention is one particular table of customer that were eating heartily , n the food seems to be sooooo tempting
so we end up eating at Gold Bee Apiary for the first time.. n no joke, the food are cook to perfection and dammmmed delicious!!! and a very very generous helpings too

boss's fried chicken chop with rice and kuah assam nyonya..dat my coffee and afeef's honey lime with assam boi...even the drinks are yummy
mine....fried rice with a very well balanced tom yum soup..shared this with afeef
the fried chiken chop is crunchy n crispy outside yet juicy n tender inside, n well seasoned too!
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