baik tuan direktor! episod 2

my second project done for ghaz, this round was for fabulous cat's bawaku terbang video clip...
hmmmm.. at some point, mengerikan sket lah tgk 'pembawakan' dorang and dorang nih mcm tak berapa peramah compared to nitrus last time..well, artist being artist kannn..
ok..back to the menu. ghaz requested something like the last time..anything as long as sedap! :D i wanted to do daging rendang kicap & sambal tumis ikan masin but bos cakap ikan masin takdak standard:P..better guna udang instead..hehhhh dah ler menaikkan my belanja budget laks...sabo je lah

for lunch :
plain fragrant rice
Daging rendang kicap
Udang Gumbira
Sayur lemak Kobis n Cendawan telinga Beruk
fresh fruit cuts
iced cordial

for afternoon tea break:
fried spicy springroll
banana tea cake
hot coffee & teh tarik

for dinner:
Thai Chicken Rice
fresh fruit cuts
iced cordial

udang gumbira and daging rendang kicap

sayur kobis masak lemak dengan cendawan telinga beruk

fruit cuts for dinner
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wokayyy..the making of the faboulous cats bawaku terbang is released..
this is the one  the food above is meant for


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