Legends of Honor...

tell me how he died?

i will tell you how he lived...

yes, i watched this movie again for i-cant-remember-how-many-times. One of the great movies that never failed to sweep me away, bring me goosebumps, put me to tears...
beautifully directed, breathtaking scene, great dialogue, great actors, sweeping sweeping sword actions, grrreat score too..wut else

i'm truly amazed by the way Ken Watanabe carried his role as Katsumoto..standout commandding, intense,charismatic character
treats to the eyes, ears n heart... n cruise was at his best too

eh..this is not a movie review session ya...just to express my love for this particular movie..hehehe

if u really understand their culture, u'll surely understand why they were leading such life [at that era lah]. Mine rooted due to my never-missed-watching James Clavell's SHOGUN mini series in my primary school years..then followed by NINJA..remember sasuka, shin and rin? and my years n years in architecture life definitely have strengthen the love


ahaa...and imagine explaining the rationale behind taking your own life, beheading, sacrification,such disipline to a 10 years old boy who refused to sleep just to finish watching the movie that his mom was so silently glued to ?? hahahaha


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