kura-kura dalam perahu...

nayyy...no perahu for real..
earlier in the night, around 10pm++, these kids found the tortoise wandering about their compound, captured it and head right to my house to log a report...hahahaha
[standard la budak-budak nih..kalau ade masalah ape ape, beskal pancit ke, rantai beskal jatuh ke..gaduh sama2 geng budak2 lain ke...boring takde program ke..nak suh buat tayangan big screen ke..nak minum air kosong ke, ghumah kitorang la antara yg dituju]

the tortoise...just a 'budak' tortoise

this boy found the tortoise first

then more kids come to see the tortoise

and some more joined too....geng kura-kura amanputra!
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