jamuan akhir tahun kelas 4 Amanah

hasnal, amri, muzi and us agreed to sponsor 4 amanah's class party yesterday..
the original idea was to buy kfc complete set..but after survey, that will cost us around rm400++, the idea had to be scrapped partially..we ordered kfc bucket instead and i'll cook the rest of the side dishes. the final menu :
KFC buckets - ori+spicy
coleslaw ala kenny rogers
fried potato wedges with black pepper and mayo sauce
chicky tomato macaroni
rojak petis
Iced F&N Flashing Fruitade
creamy milk puddings - done by muzi's missus
some of the kids brought along kuih raya, cake n jajan to complement the main menu. actually the main menu is a suprised coz nobody was told any ealier wuts the menu...even the cikgu too
so..here we go...
wedges, rojak n pasta..n cucur udang

cikgu faizah welcoming speech
haiyohh..the class was so noisy lah

roja petis - one of my signature dish
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the spread and the kids

patiently waiting their turn to take the food

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cikgu pazli and boss

yummm..finger lickin good!

teachers enjoying their food
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afeef and pudding

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