Raya Open House 2008

our open house yesterday was a huge success..

we decided to do a joint raya open house more or less 2 weeks ago..initiated by zie & me
iniatially the idea was to have a breakfast-to-lunch-to-tea time-event
later on kak ram of d'chef joined us, followed by fiza, then ijam, then tifah..last but not least kak esah [we are immediate neighbours :)]
the original plan altered... zie will start with the breakfast..then a short break n the jamuan will restart a 4pm til very very late in the night..[if u r familiar amanputra's ritual..1-2am event is nuthing lahhh..hehehe
zie, kak ram, fiza, tifah n me will do 2 dishes each, bibik kak esah will do the bakso, ijam will incharge of the pinggan mangkuk..i settled the tents n kerusi meja n settings [tong tong sorang sket lerr]
1 rented tent became 2 now..the buffet spread is even bigger..
its the day!!

the hosts :
zie & azid boss & me
kak ram & pak lias remy & fiza
ijam & mem tifah & hubby
kak esah [represented by bibik coz kak esah was away earlier]
tifah with fiza & kids
tifah's hubby [ errrr..i forgot his name lah]

ijam & remy..among the anchor-jake-of-all-tradeof the event
with azid
my beloved master of all trade..encik lan :)
the spread
how i wish i had more time to concentrate on the settings..
to buffet table is cramped with chafings n no place for fresh flowers n decoration
takpe lah..next time i'll get a bigger buffet table
errr..thanx ya kak ram for letting me 'ransack' your stor like mine..

tifah's laksa sarawak, bibik kak esah's bakso and my laksa kola peghelih
zie's nasi dagang n gulai ikan tongkol...nasik lemak cant be seen in the pic but its there :)

my rojak buah petis n kak ram's char kuay teow
fiza's nasi impit with rendang and kuah kacang

delicious rendang!
piping hot kuah2.. on stove

kuah laksa
kuah laksa sarawak
kuah bakso with tons of meatballs

nasi dagang and nasi lemak's side dish
laksas' n bakso's condiments
the guests
hows the food?? GOOD!!!
aiman's kids...errrrr dunno their name lah..hihihi

zie and her colleague n hubby..
relatives of tiffah..

boss's relative from ampang, this is their first time visiting us..so langkah kanan :)
kak shida of bukit puchong..i bet she enjoyed all the food :)

my form 4's english teacher Miss Sukania Venugopal..i'm totally suprised to see her..its been hmmm..like 20 years since i last saw her back in school..manage to trace her in facebook recently..i sent her the invitation thru fb but did not get any reply..so she's among the least person i expected to turn up..thanx a zillion cikgu!
mejar who'll be leaving for hajj in two weeks time if i'm not mistaken [ sorry ya i cudnt attend your open house earlier in the afternoon..hands n feets are tied to my kitchen..:D], encik kamal n shahir, his son. they helped me to entertain my teacher with their antics while i'll rushed to the kitchen to refill the rojak

encik din of Deen's burger & kopitiam also turn up :)
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typical night time event..Big Screennnn!!
piping hot coffee and canisters of kuih raya took place.. they are still guest visiting us [with half of the menu are finished already]
so happen that an epl's game, chelsea vs liverpool
why why why chelsea lost????? grrrrrrrrr..

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we finished wrap up everything at 2am++....n a definite pengsan followed right away..hehehehe
more than 300 guests turn up [ some said close to 400]..i bet nobody left with empty stomach :). everybody seemed to enjoy their food so much...
we really satisfied with the event and looking foward to do an even better open house next year..tungguuuuuu
those who had lend their helping hands..thanx a zillion yaa, moga allah jua yang akan membalasnya..aminnnnn


the cheeky wife said...

lamanyer wehhh upload gambar

ninoZ said...

kita min alip lam sin..hehehehe

Nic said...

Kak Nadia... maaf sangat, kitorang mmg plan nak menghala ke selatan ke umah akak lepas open house kat utara nun di bukit beruntung... tiba2 h dpt sms open house kawan dia kat barat saujana utama.. perrgh mmg confuse tul and not economic at all.. so, terpaksa bagi can kat h yg nak jumpa sangat kawan dia... thanx for the invi..

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