when u need a slap in the face..

am watching a hallmark movie that had been rerun for i-cant-remember-how-many times..
this one never failed to freeze me in front of the tv..extremely touching movie that anytime wud put me to tears.. [not all the way tho]

familiar with the liz murray story? Homeless to Havard is a hallmark produced movie of her life story..
a moving stry of liz murray who been brought up in severe poverty n drug addicted parents..At 15 she starts living on the street. She is forced to make significant changes for her future . She turns her life around by getting off the streets and going back to high school. After earning her diploma in just two years, she won the New York Times scholarship for needy students, enabling her to works her way up and out of homelessness - all the way to Harvard University.

watch it if u have the chance..pleaseee

the very own words of liz murray

there's no excuse for striving a better life..and blaming all the failure of life entirely to fate, bull shit lah..

give yourself a slap in the face..once in awhile..
u need that!!


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