next week will be dedicated for eid preparations..
spring clean the house
wash n change the curtains
finished the front yard rearrangement that have been put on hold for quite sometimes
consider repainting the living room's feature wall maybe [damaged by the next house renovation work..the owner promised to rectify wutever damaged they've cost...hmmm like forever?? duhhh]

raya cookies to be bake:
biskut makmur
tart nenas/permata
rock buns
jejari oats
semperit asli
walnut choc chip cookies [i can count this on afeef..he'd mastered this cookies at kampung..hehehe]

n jajan too...see lah wut i can manage. got 3 new matching big balang for jajan
the next weekend is left for menu raya preparation

ok, i'll add on later


the cheeky wife said...

biskut makmur ko inti kacang ke susu? kalau belah kedah glamer susu...nyum nyummmm

ninoZ said...

inti dia kitorang buat dgn kacang tanah cincang yg digaul dgn susu pekat..pastu gelinte bulat2..

yg belah kl depa suka buh gula dgn kacang tanah..tak best lahh

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