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Loveliana's Donut ala Jco
Ingredients A:-
850gm high protein flour/bread flour
11gm/1 packet instant dry yeast
10gm/1 tsp salt
600ml warm water
Ingredients B:-
200gm high protein/bread flour
10gm/ 1 tsp salt
60gm powdered milk
125gm castor sugar
2 eggs
125gm butter/shortening
mix A evenly, knead for at least 20 minutes by hand [wayy shorter if u use kneading machine] till the dough becomes smooth n pliable. rest the dough for 90 mins in basin covered with cling wrap.
punch the dough then mix with B. continue kneading for at least another 20 minutes till it well mixed, smooth, pliable n no more sticking to the hands. dust with flour whenever necessary.. rest the dough in covered bowl for another 20 minutes
punch the dough again, roll n flatten the dough evenly about 1cm thick. mould with your preffered cutter n transfer on a four-dusted tray..let the dough rise for another 10 minutes
deep fried the donut till golden..decorate, dust, ice to your likings...
these are made for kak zarina....spontanious plan for her daughter's belated birthday
just a small party, with cake, nuggets, jelly n few other stuff..kak zarina's fried meehoon n duan's famous char kuay teow too...i did these donut and rojak buah..
its quite rushing since earlier in the morning n afternoon we were busy with the surau's spring cleaning for the coming ramadhan[which starts tonite ..heeee]
the quantity is doubled as i hafta make extra for moreh tonite.....phewww!!! no joke kneading 2 kg of flour ya know.. n thanx to the help of encik lan for cutting the donut into shapes n decorating it..
hmmmmm...turn up quite ok, rite?
the idea of the decoration are inpired by my sis's maxis monthly bill's envelope..hehehehe
assorted donut topping

oreo donut - afeef helped pounding oreo biscuits into this silky powder
this oreo donut is his fav!

damia the birthday girl...this pic was taken later tho'..wayy after the party is over:)
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and these are our very first surau's moreh for this ramadhan..accompanied with piping hot tea-o


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