sheila's adini and amni both were august babies.. n today is their joint birthday celebration
originally, sheila's plan was to make a barbie cake in pink [with fondant of cuz]..but end up with me baking this 2 tiered rich steamed chocolate cake... i'm not good at scribbling with buttercream[yet!] so this is where the banner come handy..againnn. hehehehe

sheila prepared nasik ayam, dadih, nugget and fruits, i did the dipping sauce, fried the curry puff and the cake lah of cuz..
forgot to snap pix of other food and guest..hihihihi sorry ya!

one of the birtday girls, adini...
incase u're interested, the price of the cake is rm50 :)
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Min said...

yum yum.. what happen to burger cake ? anyway, nampak sedap sgt cok kek tu :)

ninoZ said...

burger cake tu projek utk my son..:d
yg ni utk my bespren/neighbour's daughters...

blom order fondant, so blom bleh mula test cake burger lagi..:D

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