yes..i'm damn bad at handling cream cheese frosting..fullstop!

yes..true indeed. this is the 4th time me failing to handle creamcheese frosting as wut it supposed to be..
failed miserably..urghhhhhhhh
so..contingency plan must be at the fingertips as usual lah
this is how i managed to camouflage the imperfection..hehehehe
that orange thingy is shredded carrot..
end product
this one is for en saad, who happen to celebrate the same occasion with tuns
same concept with a little twist..
that flower is no gumpaste flower tauuuu
fresh flower it is..n i do not know how long its gonna last

rose rose i luv ya...hehehehehehe
at 10am..the cakes n gift basket will be send to sri kembangan
i really hope from the deepest of my heart that it will satisfy n bring happiness to those who are meant to be..
Tun M & Tun Ct..
semoga hidup dikurniakan sejahtera..semoga aman dipayungi berkat dan keredhaan Nya

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