nrc2008 diaries - Programming all day long...

today we concentrated only on programming to solve the task
both track are installed n both team work simultaneously.
Afeef handled the programming part for team 1, amirul and nabilah incharged in placing the robot n handling the recycle track. 'Chief Coach' all eyes supervising the test.

This is the first time harith lay hands on the Robolab software. we were a bit worried that he's gonna stuck with the new software [just got hold onto this program last nite..were all awake testing n understanding the software till 6am]
luckily, he managed to handled it quite well..even the first tast was done succesfully :)
Gloria and Fikri take charge of the robot and track


aisyaimya said...

fuyoo...dasyat.....anjuran Abah Kungfu Panda ke ni. lawan la ssampai jadi wakil Malaysia gi robocon junior. leh kluar TV, nampak kat sini . :)

ninoZ said...

kementerian yg anjur
skolah afeef 1st time nak masuk tapi tak cukup expertise kot
dragon warrior dgn penuh kesudian jadik ler coach..
cikgunyer pun ok jek

hari2 pukul 5.30-7ptg kitorang kat skolah tau..
actually best gak

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