how to 'execute' an impromptu barbeque.....

Firstly..workout the menu, shopping list and do the shopping...
then prepare the marinate, the meat and side dishes..

on the mean time, set up the barbeque pit, starts the charcoal fire
then goes the marinated meats n furters on fire!!!

and dont forget the side dishes..
smashed baked buttered potatoes in skin and a bowl of salad wud be a grrrreatttt company


a helpfull grilling assistant equipted with 'mengkuang' hand fan is definitely a great addition to an any impromptu bbq event, rite?
aaah.... dipping suces and not-kfc-caramel-popcorn-in-a-kfc-bucket , hot and cold drinks too

and guests....
and entertainment while enjoying the food...


yummm..yummmmm! want some??
there's a slight twist in this bbq marinade...i forgot that i'm out of honey
and guess wut was for the substitution? a bottle of apricot jam....muahahaha
an a good 3 tablespoon of premium cocoa powder did the browning and aromatic magic
you dont believe it? a surely delisimo concoction...believe it!!!


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