pheww...dat long huh :)
i'm really glad that a lotta fren n relatives have had the chance to wear these dresses/kebaya for their engagement, akad or wedding or wedding photo sessions...
my cousin's, my inlaw, boss's cousin, frens..even pak brahim's daughter.
last 2 weeks i offer it to adjascent neighbour for her daughter's engagement
really 'berbaloi' rite?
mak su ana said.. extend parts of your marriage happiness to other n surely you'll be blessed with overpouring happiness from the above...hehehe maksu
these kebaya was sewn by kak maiza and i did all the beadworks my self tauuu..
golden threaded lace line with green wedding satin beaded with gold beads.
this dress was worn during the kenduri menyambut at boss's house.

my akad nikah n kenduri's dress..made of japanese brocade. the beadworks is slightly heavier than the green one..i really loveee this dress..worn only with lightly emroided satin veil, no frills..hahahaha..serius aah no make up :D

yess..i was that slim then...
n gonna be one again in the near future [hahahaha ninoZ..dream on!]
Sapa nak pinjam lagi..lemme know ya :)


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