CBK Episode 2 - Night Market @Stadium Kangar

Wednesday night market at stadium utama kangar is one of the the most awaited happening weekly event in perlis. Most of the right-side parking lots is conquered by the pasar malam seller. U can find almost everything here..from kuih muih to endless variety of fruits, all sorta fresh sea harvests, vegetables, household stuff, accessories, toys etc...etc..

i was kinda late for kuih-hunting since i reached there after maghrib but managed to capture some pix that caught my attention
was rushing to get back for home cooked dinner..hihihihi

here are some of the pix..

Burger Goreng

the bun was dipped in a light batter then deep fried, forming a crunchy crust around the bun. then it is sliced n filled with the normal burger filling u always get. the special version will be stuffed with additional sotong balls, fish nuggets n fries
presentation wise, absolutely eye catching and taste good as well, worth buying!

ketupat daun palas

the precooked glutinous rice wrapped in daun palas is the common version ketupat in the northen part

pulut panggang

our version of pulut panggang is just plain pulut wrap in banana leaf n grill to perfection
normally eaten dipped in sugar or any other curry gravy

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to be completed..


MamaFaMi said...

Sedapnya burger goreng special tu. Tadi masa memula masuk page Ninoz ni, mama dah terleka main hangman. Naik seronok pulak... hehehe

nino said...

main mama...jgn tak main :D

burger goreng tu simple jek..with a little twist frm the normal burger..tapi presentation dia yg sungguh 'menggoda'
sib baik sedap..hehehehe

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