alhamdulillah..everything wents well...
finished preparing on the dot...managed to arrived at the venue early..
and done with the serving presentation on time too..

too bad ,i didn't manage to snap proper pics..tak menang tgn lah nak siapkan everything on time..
ni je lahh...just quick ones with handphone , tak amik semua pun, n too bad i forgot to snap some pix lepas dah siap utk presentation...uwaaaaaaaa
good feedbacks..rata2 sgt berpuashati dgn all the food..according to the person in charge, those yg salu tak pandang pun jamuan, end up duduk makan n tambah 2-3 kali.. poor sue, sampai ke sudah tak dapat makan sbb sibuk dok accopanied tun..n by the time program abih.. makanan dah abih..yg me asing utk dia pun kene cilok dgn sapa tah
psssttt..tun pun makan 2-3 kali gak n she personally requested some more kuih of her personal fav to be included in the menu, next time..
NEXT TIME??? hihihihihi..goooddd sign! n i'll be more prepared..


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