wild..wild mushroom!

on our way out to dinner , i've spotted a view that i've never seen for a long long long time...

mushroom 'bloomimg' from the ground near 2nd pak guard house.. and its the hard-to-get 'cendawan busut'....wooohoooooo!!!
stopped the car on the spot n mushroom picking session begins...

setengah plastik gak la kita berjaya kumpul...nak kutip cendawan pun kena ade skill gak.. tak bleh rentap camtu je, nanti tercabut le batang dia..
kene 'honggaq' slowly then baru tarik perlahan..then baru lah u akan dapat cendawan dgn root yg pjg mcm dlm gambaq tu..

yg ni dah cleanly scrubbed.. n ready to be cook, eh chup!! kene siat sket kulit luar kat bhg batang cendawan..then baru bleh masak
but..not tonite lah..kita masak besok laa..buat masak lomak dgn lada hitam...sodap tuuuu!!!


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