creamy creme corn custard pudding..

This is one of most requested kuih ordered.
Almost everybody can make corn pudding coz the ingredients used are very simple and basic. The trickiest part is to make a GOOD corn pudding. The mixture must be cooked to the right consistency that will resulted a rich creamy in taste, soft n springy to touch yet nicely hold to its form when cut.
i'm mostly particular on what brand of creme corn and custard powder to be used as it will effected the end result. It must be sweet but not too sweet. For a twist, this kuih can be eaten with custard sauce and fruit cocktail.
Creme Corn Custard Pudding
ingredients :
300g custard powder
1  can evaporated milk
1 cup coconut milk
1-2 eggs
2 cup granulated sugar
7 cup water
1-2 can creme corn
vanilla essence
Whisk all the ingredients except creme corn in a bowl till well mixed then strain into a deep pot. Add in creme corn. Gradually stir the mixture till it thicken and shiny, pour in prepared mould and set to cool.


BIG MOMMA said...

kita dah lamaaaaa tak makan..biasa kita wat style agar-agar but the tekstur still like custard..yummy...

ninoZ said...

haa..yg agar2 tu kita buat kalau nak serve dgn custard sauce..

kalau nak slice camtu jek.. buat style nih..seharian pun tak basi

jacinta said...

hi ninoz

Thank you so much my children have been missing the malaysian kuah and this is one of them i am not a good
cook so i have to look for receipe
to follow


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