Phewwww!!! wutta month....

been so busy preparing for the wedding for the past one month..done with the hantaran n wayyyy to 'balik kampung'on the 18th nov..
a lotta undone task to be completed yet we managed to get it done on the dot..
ayah surely proud with his just-done fencing..[thanx to the great help of encik boss :D]
hectic day for sure...with a case of spontanious breakdown..huuuhuuuuu
ibu is surely one relieved person now, since everything goes quite well..

our coffe corner wuz a hit.. tho is kinda tucked away behind pokok longan [its meant to be so..if not, matilahh nak replenish everything now n then]
i' only managed to taste the lauk kenduri the next day in bedong..

phewwww!!! i'm worn out, dats for sure

my back is killing me..arghhhhhhhh!!!!

pix? later lahhh


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